Welcome! Here We Go Again!

Welcome to my new, old blog!

Since you are here, you now know that my domain name has changed from www.cmonroe.net to www.csmonroe.net. I have had to change my domain name and web host due to having more problems with my old web host than I care to think about. My old web host, ehostsource.com, was never long on customer support but as of this year they have mananged to take their lack of support to new lower levels that even I did not think existed.

Earlier this year I wanted to upgrade my WordPress install to version 3.2.1 which required an upgrade to the PHP code on the web host. Most, if not all good web hosts automatically upgrade underlying software like PHP on a regular basis, but not ehostsource, even after many requests via their web support ticket system and by emails to their support group, and several voice mails (no one ever answers a phone there) I finally gave up and put away my plans to upgrade WordPress.

In October my yearly account automatically renewed and was paid automatically by PayPal. I had planned on canceling my hosting contract but forgot to tell PayPal not to pay it. So I resigned myself to living with this dead host hanging around my neck for another year, until… a week after my account had been automatically renewed, my website went down with a problem with the DNS server not pointing to my webpages. Which also fubared my ability to log into the control panel so that I could fix the problem. Worse yet, I needed to get into the control panel to reload my backup for the site. Also since I was having a DNS problem, I could not logon to the ftp server to try download the site files to my workstation.

Long story short, after many phone calls, emails and support tickets that went unanswered, I finally tossed in the towel and opened a new account with webhosthub.com. The good news is that they charge way less money for their service, they dont have any storage or bandwidth caps and they actually have a customer support department that even answers the telephone! What a novel idea! The bad news was that I lost all of the text commentary that I had written over the past several years. Luckily I do have all my photos that I had taken over the life of the Dodge Wagon Project. So I am now in the process of at least trying to get the photos back on line and to get a minimum amount of commentary written to discribe at least the basics of what I was doing… arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

After I have everything caught up I will start with some new updates…
Things are really moving forward, I am finishing up block sanding the high build primer with 220 grit. When I finish I will lay down a couple of more coats of high build and then block it again with 220 and finally 400 prior to sealing it with PPG DAS 3025 VSeal just prior to paint.
Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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  1. I just came across your build thread of a 1956 dodge wagon. I’m just just starting a 1956 plymouth wagon build. And I was wondering if you would answer some question for me. Also are you in AZ

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