Since I was a little kid, I have enjoyed photography, drawing and to a limited extent painting. My love of photography has introduced me to Photoshop which is a wonderful computer program that excels in the digital manipulation of bit mapped images, i.e. photographs. Photoshop gives you the capability of creating artwork from multiple images, and/or from single images. The artwork can range from being realistic to being surreal. I also have several plugins, small computer programs that provide additional functionality to a main program such as Photoshop, from a company by the name of Topaz. The Topaz series of plugins allow the artist even more visual control of the final product.

Some of My Composite Artwork

The Heart of the Hot Rod!

In addition to Photoshop, Adobe makes a vector art program called Illustrator that is used primarily to produce graphic arts. Vector graphics allows the artist to create art that can be scaled larger and smaller without any loss of detail. My main use of Illustrator is the production of artwork for posters and tee shirt designs.

Some of My Vector Graphic Design



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