The Family Cats

For almost as long as Michelle and I have been together we have had cats. Of all of the cats that have stayed with us, you truly never own a cat, only one was bought at a pet store or adopted from a shelter. All of the rest are ones that we have rescued, or they have found our home and decided to make it theirs.

Michelle is the alpha cat in the family. All of the cats look to her for food, comfort, guidance and love. They all can be sitting, laying, hanging out or hanging over a piece of furniture and if it is around bedtime and Michelle puts the leg rest of her recliner down, every one will stop whatever it was that they were doing and proceed to stand in front of her recliner. When Michelle leaves the room, they all follow after her, if she tells me that dinner is on the table, all of the cats head toward the table and in fact they all beat me there. If Michelle goes out in the evening or worse yet on a trip and I stay at home, I will end up spending my evenings alone in the living room. Our really needy cats, will sit on the table by Michelle’s chair all evening looking at the front door, waiting for her to come home.

To the cats, I am just one of the inmates. Albeit, I have special privileges that they don’t have, namely I can take the top off of their treat or “cookie” jar and haul out treats for them. I also have the milk bowl in the mornings, which several of them love. Oh, I also know how to get their toys out and move them around so that they can play with them. I also seem to be the only one that knows how to open the cabinets, refrigerator and work the faucet. And finally, I clean their cat pans every day. So for the most part, they all try to ignore me, unless they think that they might want something that I could get for them.

All in all, after going to school for years on end, having a fairly decent career and being involved in many different fairly skilled hobbies and endevors, I ended up as being the butler for a bunch of cats… hummm…

Inside Cats

Outside Cats


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