More New Parts Have Arrived!

After previous problems with most of the Classic Car parts suppliers being out of stuff that I have needed, I decided to spend some time with the catalogs and put orders in for all of the bits and pieces that I will need to reassemble the Ford. As suspected many of the parts are on backorder… those that aren’t were delivered this week. Still among the missing are the front and rear bumpers, grill, passenger side rear quarter trim, driver’s side cowl mount mirror… all the usual suspects.

  • Monroe_20170404_104329_Orig_001_

Christmas in April!

I am about ready to pull the trigger on the convertible top & boot, rear seat springs for the cushion and backrest, A/C evaporator and condenser plus plumbing and the wiring harness. I am looking for a wiring system that will give me keyless start and proximity door locks. I will stay with Dakota Digital Gauges and use their 1940 Analog Dash Panel. One neat new product that they have is a cruise control that uses the GM engine and transmission CPUs and harness, that is a breeze to set up. At this moment I am planning on hinging the stock radio speaker grill and installing a touch screen display that will control and display the GPS, sound system, back up camera and possibly control the AccuAir system. 

I never said this was going to be an inexpensive build! 😎



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