Some Shiney Parts Came!

The backorders are dribbling in at a steady pace. Yesterday we received the hood and trunk badging.

(c) Conrad Monroe – 2017































Today the new grille came. I was really happy with this buy. The stock grill that came with the car originally is very pitted and has a couple of problems with some of the bars. It would have cost a fair amount of money to rechrome it, so I decided to buy a new repopped version. Bob Drake sells one for $795 plus shipping which is cheaper than having the old one redone. MAC has the same piece as Drake and they only wanted $423.95 with free shipping. To really make my day, MAC was having a sale when I ordered and I got the new grill for only $381.55 no shipping charge… I be one happy camper! 🙂 


(c) Conrad Monroe – 2017

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