New Shop Storage Lift


The Shop Gets a Major Upgrade!

A very good friend of mine came across a barely used four post lift that was being sold at a very good price. It was just what I have been looking for. I already have a two post shop lift which I use for all major work. I also have a four post lift in the garage portion of the shop which I store the ’39 Ford or ’56 Dodge on. What I didn’t have is any space to store all of the parts and pieces that you end up with when you take a car apart.

In between working on the ’40 and doing maintenance on the ’39 & ’56 Michelle and I headed down to Scottsdale and loaded up the new lift and hauled it home. It was a bit of a problem to get it out of the garage that it was in due to a very narrow alley that didn’t give me much maneuvering room with my truck and trailer. But we prevailed and got it home without any incidents. We had transported it with all four legs held up with motorcycle tie downs, When I got it into the shop all I had to do was plug the pump in and use it to raise the lift frame up, and then pull the trailer out from under it. I used a  floor jack to support the rear of the frame until the rear legs cleared the trailer fenders. 

I attached my lift wheels and tried to move it through the side garage door opening. Unfortunately, it was a wee bit too long and I had to take off the rear legs and lower the frame onto a set of wheel casters. A bit of pushing and pulling and Michelle and I had it in place. After checking everything out I installed two Red Head anchors in each leg plate. I did this mainly to keep the lift from sliding down my sloped garage floor.

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Installing the New Four Post Lift

I love it when a plan comes together! I now have all the parts for the ’40 up on the lift along with some tools that rarely get used. With the lift raised I can store the rotisserie under it. When I take the body back off of the ’40 to begin the prep work needed for painting I will put it back on the rotisserie and move it into the shop. I will then move the chassis under the lift.

Now back to work on the ’40!

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