Test Fitting The New Wheels

The new American Racing Salt Flat Special wheels arrived and I had to immediately check to see if they were going to fit with enough clearance for the brakes and around the front suspension along with how they fit in the rear fenderwells. I had used the Percy Wheel Right tool to simulate the wheel and tire before ordering and was hoping that the simulator came close to matching the real wheel since the wheels were custom made and not returnable.

Test Fitting the AR Saltflat Specials

I should not have been worried, the new wheels fit fine both front and rear! I have a bit more thinking before I settle on tire sizes. At present I am leaning toward 225/235R17/70s or 75s on the rear and 205/R17/60 or 55s on the front. I would like to see about a 2″ rake from rear to front.

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