A Few More Details …

In between waiting on parts to arrive, I decided to tie up a few loose ends.

1st up was installing the front and rear speakers and getting them wired up, now was a good time to do this before I had the window glass back in the doors. Once I got everything hooked up, I tried out the radio and sound system, not too bad considering that there was no soft surfaces to help dampen and smooth the sound. All in all, it looks like the radio has more then enough power to handle what we need for entertainment.

While cleaning up and painting some of the bolt on pieces, I found the original rear license plate bracket which I sand blasted and coated with my ever popular flat satin black paint.

While going though some boxes I found the evaporator drain hose, luckily I decided to look at what I was getting ready to toss out! I popped a hole through the floor on the passenger side and ran the hose to the outside of the frame and tucked it in amongst the heater and A/C lines where it is out of the way and wont cause any mess. While I was at it, I also ran the hose from the radiator to the catch can and also routed the overflow line toward the middle of the front end near the core support. Finally I found some radiator hoses at our local parts store that make the connection from the Dodge engine to the Chevrolet radiator. I am really glad I took the time to relocate the lower radiator outlet. Capped the radiator off with a new 20# pressure cap, not very pretty but functional.

Handling a few small details.

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