Give Me a Brake!

Finally down to the last really big mechanical task. Running all the brake lines and hoses. Before starting this task, I had laid out a diagram of all the pieces that I thought I needed to complete the job. Unfortunately, I missed a hose and several -3AN couplers to complete the job.

As usual no one in Show Low had any -3AN hose or couplers, so I called up Speedway and ordered everything I needed to finish the job. I also bought another tubing bender, this time a 3/16″ model. My other small bender went down to 1/4″ and although it worked, I didn’t like the way the bends looked. As it turns out Speedway had a nice Ridged model on sale! So now I can bend tubing from 3/16″ to 1/2″.

Thanks to the box tubing truck style frame that the wagon has I ran the brake and fuel lines and valves pretty much like I would have done in a Class 8 Off-road truck. All that remains for me to do is bleed the master cylinder and reinstall it.

Running the Brake Lines

Next up, undercoat the front fenders and reinstall them and the hood, then I am going to see how the wagon looks with the wheels and tires from my ’39 so I have to pull the front calipers until I get done with the test. Then I can order the tires and have them mounted on the new rims, do a quick and dirty front end alignment and then go for a ride around the block! 🙂

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