Update on the Interior Work

The Interior Is Moving Along!

On our way over to the Streak! in San Diego we spent Wednesday evening with Paul and Judy so we had some time to run over to Lui’s on Wednesday afternoon to see how the wagon was coming along. Basically Lui has the headliner, wind-lace and all the trim and fill panels done above the belt line. He also has all of the Masonite panels made for the doors and rear cargo areas plus the console is almost done. The work is moving along well and is looking quite nice!

While in the valley, I also found out that Bell Road glass will do the complete install of the remaining glass and also will get the windshield and rear window straightened out as well. So the plan is to take the wagon to Bell Road Glass when Lui is done with it, then all I have to do is put the remaining exterior trim on and align the front fenders and hood prior to touching up all the chips and scratches that I made in the paint putting the fenders on.

I am getting excited about getting her back home and on the road!

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