2015 Spring Trip to San Diego

May 6 – 12, 2015

By Conrad Monroe

Cabrillo Point Pano

This month we headed over to San Diego to attend the 42nd Annual OTHG – San Diego Streak event at Camp Land on the Bay.  Check out – http://othg-phoenix.org/Blog/2015/05/15/2015-othg-san-diego-streak/ for photos and a write up of our adventures at the show.  On Sunday the 10th, everybody that we had traveled with headed back home to Arizona and Michelle and I visited with her sister Twila and nephew Darren.  After a late Mother’s Day breakfast we drove out to Cabrillo Point to taken in a little sightseeing at one of my favorite photo spots.


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Cabrillo Point, San Diego

After our sightseeing excursion and some exploring around the Beaches we headed off to the Black Angus for an excellent Mother’s Day dinner with Twila and Darren. Thank you Darren!


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Oceanside Pier, Oceanside

On Monday we headed back out to Santee to pick up our passengers and then we headed up to Oceanside via I5.  Several years ago Michelle and I had stopped for lunch at a very nice restaurant located on the Oceanside Pier so we thought that it might be nice to visit it again. Well, California being California, the nice seafood restaurant was no longer a seafood restaurant.  It is now a 50’s style diner with a great menu, craft beer/ale and a nice décor.  After lunch we headed back to the Beaches via HWY 101 which is always a nice drive.

When we had dinner the night before at the Black Angus, I sampled a really nice Nut Brown Ale that had been brewed at the Ale Smith Brewing Company. So having a bit of free time we headed out to Miramar to sample some of their other brews – I must say that I enjoyed all that we tasted! Highly recommended if you are in San Diego for a visit!

On Tuesday we packed Bettie up and headed back to Show Low.  Weather was great, however once we were out of town on I8 both Michelle and I started to hear a whine/howl emanating from rear axle when the wagon was under light load or decelerating. Typically the sign of a pinion bearing failing. We pressed on and were able to get home without incident but now I have to pull the differential out and have it repaired, and while I am at it I will have Toby install a postreaction in it.  When we were in Austin in the heavy rain, I had a hard time getting enough traction to take off on the wet streets. Low gear in the wagon is quite low and coupled with a 3.50 rear gear it  makes for a very interesting drive.

I also have to replace the kingpins and bushings in the front end of the ’39 Ford and also replace the tail shaft bushing and seal in it’s transmission along with a new rear u-joint and pinion seal. My classic cars have become, just greasy old cars that need maintenance…

I cant wait to get started on the ’40.

Til Next Time!


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