Driving Home After the 1st Snow of 2016

by Conrad Monroe

On January 8, 2016 Michelle and I drove down to the valley for our annual OTHG-Phoenix Picnic and Photoshoot that was being held at Phoenix South Mountain Park this year. On the two days prior to the 8th we had a foot of fresh snow fall in Show Low and even more in Forest Lakes on Rte. 260. We took my 4×4 pickup incase the roads were a mess, and I am happy to say that the roads were in great shape. ADOT was out in force and did a really nice job getting rid of the snow and ice.

Fearing more snow, we booked it for home right after the picnic over at around 3:00.  As a result, we had wonderful late afternoon winter light for our drive home.   Michelle drove from Payson home so that I could sit in the passenger seat and snap the landscape as it passed by. The trip was beautiful, one of the best that we have had, and believe me over the past 13 years we have drove 87/260 many a time!

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  • Winter Drive Home - 001 - Conrad Monroe

A Winter Drive Home


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