A New Chassis for the 40!

For a couple of years now, Tom Eckholdt and I have been dickering on my buying a new Stage III TCI Chassis that he picked up in a deal that he had made a few years back.  Earlier this summer, Tom & Jan stopped by on their way back from their summer vacation and we started dickering again. We finally reached an agreement on it and I hopefully will be down to pick it up this month.

The chassis originally had an LS1 5.3L engine and I think a 4L65E transmission installed which Tom has already sold, but fits well with my current plan to use an LQ9 from a Cadillac Escalade with a 4L80E.   The chassis is set up with AirLift air bags, polished suspension components and a Currie rear axle set up with a 9″ 3:50 Ford rear end. The brakes are polished Wildwood calipers, with the master cylinder installed and all of the brake lines run.  The IFS has a T-Bird rack & pinion.  And it has steel wheels with Goodyear tires, both of which were on my build list.

All in all, this will cut about 3 – 4 months off my build time and I will end up with a lot better equipped chassis than I would have bought had I done the work myself.

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