And So It Begins …

A few months ago I borrowed a rotisserie from Ken DuBois so that I could pull the body off of the 40 to allow me to do the body work on it and also to give me access to the chassis so that I could reinforce it and redo the suspension etc.

So now it’s time to put it together and get ready to remove the convertible body from the chassis.  Ken made the rotisserie and did a really nice job putting it together. It will accommodate pretty much any size vehicle that you would want to put on it.  Needless to say my small 1940 Ford body will not be much of a load for it!

With all the work done on both the 56 and 39 they are now living in the far bay on the stacker lift and the 40 is now in the work shop!

1st order of business is to plan out how I am going to reinforce the body so that it doesn’t bend or twist when I remove it from the frame. The body itself is very straight with nice door, truck and hood gaps so I would like to preserve them if at all possible.

Looks like I need some C25 gas and a couple of lengths of 1×1 tubing. It will be fun welding again!

Stay tuned…

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