Bracing the Body

In order to take the convertible body off the frame and mount it to the rotisserie, I needed to add some 1″ x 1″ steel tubing to brace the body from side to side and across each door opening. Pretty simple little fab task, but it was a lot of fun for me since it has been some time since I had the welder out and working!

Before I started, I ran over to Praxair to pick up a fresh tank of C25 Argon/CO2 mix for my MIG welder. When I pulled up the manger of the store came out as I was unloading my bottle and told me that they were out of C25! and wouldn’t have any in until next Wednesday! Imagine a welding supply store that runs out of welding gas! Only in Show Low. I related to him that this was unacceptable since I needed to get the bracing done this weekend.  He thought for a moment and then came up with a novel idea. He sold me a smaller bottle that he had in stock and put a note on my invoice that when I brought it back in to be filled that they owed me a large bottle.

Oh, well, time to get out the wrenches and start unbolting, bagging and tagging.  Michelle bought me a couple of new large plastic storage bins to hold the parts, bits and pieces.


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