Inital Tear Down

In order to remove the body from the stock chassis, I first need to remove, bag and ID the bumpers, headlights, tail lights, radiator, front and rear fenders, grill and running boards. I also need to remove the steering column so that the body will clear the chassis when I lift the body off.

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Nothing too exciting happened with all of this. Since the car had been apart before, it was put back together using new hardware which made disassembly a breeze, storing all the parts that I removed my prove to be a bigger challenge.

Some points to ponder down the road with the build:

  • I will have to carefully examine the new chassis to make sure I have all of the right mounting holes for the convertible body.  The convertible has several extra braces that tie the body to the floor and strengthen the entire assembly. The stock convertible frame has an additional brace on each side of the chassis just behind where the cowl attachment point is, that the new chassis in all likelihood wont have.
  • Another item that might need to be fabricated would be a mount for the Y brace that ties the inner fender panels to the chassis using a spring loaded shock style mount.
  • Also, when the final reassembly occurs, the hood needs to be installed first and aligned to the cowl before reattaching the inner fender panels and front fenders. It will make a really bitchy alignment problem at least a bit easier.
  • I still need to get the steering box off of the steering column. It was fighting me so I decided to pull the whole works and address it later.  I kind of have an idea to try and reuse the stock column, but may change my mind and get an Ididt which would be adjustable and also have turn signals.
  • And finally, the tail light on the drivers rear fender has never been off of the fender. I snapped one of the mounting studs off and the nut is frozen to the other, will deal with it later, I am planning on using LED tail/stop lights like I have on the ’39 sedan so it will all be new anyway.



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