New Spindles and Height Sensors

As said previously the new spindles arrived and I installed them right away. With the airbags deflated the grill chin pan is 3/4″ from the ground. At ride height I have 5″ of clearance to the crossmember and can push it to 6+” at full extension handy for steep curbs. I also took this opportunity to position and mount the heim end support for the steering shaft. Once I mount the body back onto the chassis I can determine where to cut the shaft for the second u joint to align it with the steering column shaft.

The new square suspension stops cured all the measurement changes that were driving me crazy. I chose a mounting point on the lower control arm that would give me around 2 3/4″ of travel which allowed me to use the 3rd mounting hole in the sensor arm and find a good place on the outside of the inner fender panel to mount the sensor. I using my lift I set the ride height  by leveling the lower control arms. I then adjusted the sensor position to where the lever was at the midpoint. Then I raised the chassis to full height to check to see that the sensor was not being over extended. After that I lowered the chassis down all the way and rechecked the sensor lever to make sure that it was not over extended at the other limit.

Moving to the back I chose a mounting point on the upper four bar that would give me around 3 1/2 inches of travel using the 4th mounting hole. It took a bit of trial and error to find a mounting point for the sensor that would be centered at ride height and not max out the sensors at either extreme.

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New Spindles and Initial Sensor Install

After taking a break to do several photo projects and be a caregiver for my wonderful wife Michelle after her final reconstructive surgery I made it back out to the shop to make one last round of tweaks to my sensors before moving the chassis aside while I service my four vehicles that I have neglected for far too long.

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Finalized Height Sensor Positions

I also took this opportunity to assemble the Compressor System that AccuAir provided with the kit.  I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship that these components show.  I can only hope that they will work as well as they look!

  • 016 Assemble Compressor System - 001 -

The Compressor System

The system uses two fairly high capacity air pumps that can raise the car to full height in under 30 sec. As the system is designed it has three height settings that can be programmed into its computer. Basically you can have a low ride height for slow cruising on good pavement, normal ride height, and a high level for rough pavement to to provide a stiffer suspension when cornering hard. When you turn the key off the system will exhaust air from the bags until they are empty – gotta make sure the wheels are pointed straight ahead when you shut the car off! When the car is started the system will automatically raise the car up to ride height. As weight is increased or decreased the system will maintain the programmed heights.

While installing the height sensors in the rear I realized that the Wildwood disc brake included a set of small mechanical spot brakes that are used as a parking brake. So I am now ordering a Lokar floor mount brake handle and cables to hook them up.

Once I am done playing grease monkey, I will bring the chassis back in the shop and do a total tear down, and then do the final welding on all to parts I added/modified. Then it is off to the powder coater.

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