1940 Ford Project Update

Not a whole lot of major news. I finished stripping the chassis down to the frame so that it could be powder coated. I also ground down most of the factory welds on the Ford 9″ axle housing so it should look good to anyone laying on the ground in back of the car! ;-

Also packed up the spindles, the brake pedal lever, rear shock spacers and the front fender apron supports that I made. I was planning on taking them to Flagstaff Powder Coating in an effort to try to support a more local business however I was lucky in that I called them first; their oven is only 5′ x 5′ x 5′ so there was no way to fit a frame into it. Plan B was to head down to Arizona Power Coating in Phoenix. They do an excellent job and are very reasonably priced.

Since I had the differential out, I took it over to Toby at Performance 4×4 to have a limited slip put in it. I decided to keep the rear axle ratio at 3:50 to 1.

  • 028 - Off to Powder Coating - 001 -

Off to Powder Coating!

On Friday Michelle and I drove over to Chino Valley to Absolute Sheet metal to pick up a 5″ recessed firewall, tranny cover, toe plates and such to provide enough room for the set back on the LS3. While I was there I noticed that they also make a really Bitchin set of front fender aprons with LOUVERs … never had a car with louvers so even though I dont need them I bought them anyway.

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New Sheetmetal


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